After this, you will never leave your house without applying SUNSCREEN.

Lazy to put on Sunscreen? Or never even bother about the damn Sunscreen?

You are so lazy but you still care about your looks and worry about your premature aging??

You lazy bum really need to know this… The fact is, you can apply a thick layer of the most expensive, best-on-earth anti-aging cream on your face and body, overdose yourself with collagen and Vitamin C, but still can’t completely save you from maintaining your youth. And the worst is you will have a higher chance of developing skin cancer.


The culprit of sunburn

UV rays from the sun may damage the internal structures of our skin even though they cannot be detected by our naked eyes. The 3 UV rays damage the collagen fibers in our skin.

UVA: Makes up 98.7% of the rays, aging ray and related to skin cancer. Indirectly causes DNA damage.

UVB: Sunburn ray and directly causes DNA damage of skin cells.

UVC: Most powerful but is most most filtered. Causes direct DNA damage too!

As you already know, collagen is responsible for our skin’s elasticity — our youth. So, it is absolutely clear that UV rays significantly accelerate the ageing of our skin and any part of the body exposed to it, such as our eyes. We can filter the UV rays by wearing Rayban (or any other sunglasses).


What the hell is Sunscreen?

Sunscreen or sunblock is a protective layer of chemical you apply on your skin, which either reflect, diffuse or absorb UV rays from the sun, protecting your skin from the harmful rays.

Sunblock is more powerful than Sunscreen!

Sunblock provides better protection from the UV rays compare to sunscreen, as their formulations are more opaque, hence requires less reapplying. The chemicals in the sunscreens breakdown faster under the sun exposure, thus less effective than sunblocks. Sunscreens are better suited for daily use while sunblocks are best for outdoor sports or activities which expose you more to the nasty rays.


How well do you know your Sunscreen?

SPF: Sun Protecting Factor.

It shows how effective a sunscreen is at protecting against UVB rays. The numerical digit following SPF indicates  how much time you’ll be able to withstand exposure to the sun before burning up in sunburn frenzy. It derived by taking the time it takes you to burn with a sunscreen and dividing it by the time taken for you to burn without a sunscreen. For example if you burn in 300 minutes with a sunscreen and 10 minutes without a sunscreen, this is 300/10 = 30. So the sunscreen will have an SPF of 30.

A higher SPF gives you a better protection against UVB. Usually people think that SPF 30 would be sufficient for daily use, but plastic surgeons that I know highly recommended SPF 50 in our hot and humid climate. So, you gonna listen to the common people assumptions or the plastic surgeon? I trust the doctor more 🙂

PA: Protection Grade of UVA

It shows the protection level towards UVA rays.

PA+ means the sunscreen provides some protection against UVA rays, whereas PA++ moderate protection, while PA+++ shows very good protective abilities against UVA. Since UVA is scarier and causes long term skin damage,I always go for the highest PA rating.


Choose the right sunscreen

Your sunscreen should not cause you any skin drama. Make sure that your sunscreen has broad spectrum formula with an adequate SPF and the highest PA rating possible. Please remember to reapply your sunscreen or sunblock every two hours if you are in the sun all day.


Still trying to finding excuse not to use sunscreen?

You think you do not need it because you never get sunburn or you have perfect tanned skin? Think twice!

Babes, no matter what is your definition of beautiful perfect skin, porcelain or golden-tan, we all need sunscreen. So, don’t be lazy and always remember that:



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