About Us

“I believe women

should have no limits.


That’s why

I named my company

Women Infinity.”


Dr.  Cheng JC

Founder of Women Infinity

Greetings! Allow me to warmly welcome you to my website.

Chances are, you and I have a lot in common.

Like me, you probably lead a very busy life, always looking for ways to save time.

You also want to stick to your budget, so you look for ways to save money, too–but without sacrificing quality.


I see beauty in simplicity, so I decided to simplify my beauty routine.

Does your daily beauty regime take up a lot of time? I know mine did. All those extra minutes add up to extra hours wasted–time you could spend doing lots of other things, while looking gorgeous and healthy.

So I got to thinking: there must be fewer and better health-and-beauty products that would create a new, simpler regimen. In other words, a system that would produce all the results I wanted but much faster and less expensively.

I made it my quest to find them.

I hate it when women pay a lot of money for a lot of nothing.

As I conducted my research, it was immediately clear how so many health-and-beauty products for women boast about their expensive ingredients but then don’t actually include enough of them to achieve the benefits they claim.

Instead, I put my focus strictly on finding 100% natural health-and-beauty ingredients with no additives or preservatives. Chief among these ingredients is pure, fresh-water fish collagen.

Collagen is a powerful key to a sexier you.

They say that “Strong is the new sexy,” and it’s true: you look good when you feel good.

Collagen is so great for that because it helps muscles repair and gain strength. It also protects your joints while you work out, so you can put in more training. It is especially beneficial if you’re injured, have joint problems or various aches and pains throughout our body.

It works wonders for your skin, too.

Yet another benefit of collagen is how it improves the condition of your skin, as well! When you take it as a supplement, such as the product I offer, much more of it is absorbed into your body compared to a topical collagen treatment applied to the skin.

Learn more about collagen-based supplements (LINK TO PRODUCT PAGE).

Sharing the wealth with other women.

Women Infinity started in a small SOHO office in Malaysia several years ago.

But today, thanks to the power of the Internet and the e-commerce revolution, the company has grown to the point where we can help other women succeed, too. If you want to earn extra money but don’t have the income or experience to go it alone, please click here for complete details.

How my new beauty regimen has helped liberate my life.

By day, I work as a veterinarian, and even though I’m often outdoors being very active, I still make every attempt to go to the gym after work or to go out dancing. That’s so much easier with my new, more efficient beauty regimen. The result: I stay in better shape and feel healthier overall!

My guiding mantra: women deserve better!

I never lose sight of my main objective with Women Infinity: to help women like you gain greater health, beauty and confidence… so you can be your very best!

Part of that is sharing the knowledge I’ve gained and also to protect women against scams or deceptive products. I want you to consider me a trusted source of reliable information.

Let me hear from you!

I love connecting with women around the world so we can learn from one another. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Just email me anytime at hello@womeninfinity.com. Thanks!