Doctor Testimonials

Dr Muhammad Usman, M.D. & Nutritionist 

If you were to map the most abundant of your body proteins, collagen would sit on the top of that list. In fact, it makes up 25-30% of your total body proteins.

It plays a pivotal role in your body. For instance, in your joints, it serves to add flexibility and toughness. The same collagen in your skin makes it supple, and young-looking. It also serves as the building block for your hair and makes them long and strong.

In addition, collagen is quite rich in a variety of amino acids. Think of amino acids as the building blocks for collagen. These amino acids have a bunch of different functions in your body, ranging from controlling your metabolism to giving a boost to your immune system and improving your overall health. Collagen contains as many as 19 different amino acids, which makes it a perfect protein for your everyday amino acid needs!

The problem with most of the collagen supplements in the market is how they are manufactured. The collagen is either not processed at all or processed so rigorously that all the active ingredients become inactive. Another problem, a lot of people face, is the strange odor and an unpleasant aftertaste of most these supplements.

Collagen Bliss by Women Infinity is a collagen-based product that I personally recommend. It is manufactured to the highest degree of standards. Its non-GMO and non-additive formula ensures that you get all the benefits of collagen in the most natural possible.

Another thing that differentiates Collagen Bliss from rest of the products is the type of collagen used. Collagen Bliss makes use of hydrolyzed collagen, which is manufactured through cutting-edge modern processing methods. This method of processing locks in all the goodness of collagen but makes it easily digestible. Collagen Bliss has a pleasant Berry flavor, which means no foul odor on unpleasant aftertaste.

So if you are looking for something that could ease your joint pain or something for your skin, immune system or health in general, Collagen Bliss is just the right product for you.

Rosmy Barrios R-Blažić, M.D.

Aesthetic and Anti-aging medical specialist.

Being an Aesthetic and anti-aging medical specialist, wife, mother and most importantly, a woman, I can understand how long working hours, house chores and patients expectations can be beauty-demanding.

Women Infinity Collagen products help me to answer those demands daily.

Since I started taken Collagen Bliss by Women Infinity not only my skin and nails are stronger and healthier but my legs do not hurt anymore and I have noticed a daily improvement in my energy levels and work disposition.

If you are looking for the best supplement that is 100% natural, you shouldn’t look further than Women infinity. I have recommended this amazing tasting supplement to my patients and I got nothing but great feedbacks.

Today I take this opportunity to recommend Women Infinity Collagen Bliss to you! Make it a part of your daily routine and I guarantee that you will notice significant improvements!

Dr Harivarmah,  M.D.

We all have that one friend who tells us that we don’t need any supplements. Everything can be obtained via our natural diet. To a certain extent that is true, but take a look at the dietary intake of that friend, is he truly taking a well balance diet daily or chowing down on junk food.

Truth be told, our current lifestyle is unhealthy, we are too stressed by responsibilities and we almost always have no time to manage our daily dietary intake, let alone to take care of our skin.

Collagen Bliss by Women infinity is a product for you, me and the average Malaysian who is too busy to take care of ourselves. Collagen bliss makes use of hydrolyzed collagen for better absorption. The product is made from fish collagen but without that fishy stench. This amazing product with a wonderful berry taste will give noticeable changes to your skin, hair and nails just by incorporating it in your daily diet.

Try Collagen Bliss today and experience the difference.